Kennel von Wendelin


Born January 26, 2018

HD/ED 00


DM tested free

Sire: Zako Max z Jirkova dvora

Dam: Aura z Ditčina dvora

Born March 03, 2017

HD/ED 00

IGP 3  

DM tested free

Sire: Fantom ze Stribrneho kamene

Dam: Jackie Bohemia Abakan 

Born August 4, 2009


ED/HD A fast normal

Sire: Eyko vom Moerfelder Land IPO3

Dam:Chakira von den Caerosen SCHH3

June 6, 2011


ED/HD normal

Sire: Leon von der Staatsmacht SCHH3

Dam: Fygwenn v.d. Heemraadsdam IPO3

Born December 29, 2013

IPO 3  HD/ED good/normal 

Sire: Hoky Va Pe IPO3, SCHH3, WM FCI, WUSV 2009

Dam: Chichi Anrebri (SH)


Born August 1st, 2011 
Dark sable male


Frozen Semen in stock

HD/ED 00 
DM tested: FREE

Breed survey: 1st 5VQ1/P

Sire: Kery Kamos-Durabo ZVV2,IPO3, SCHH1, ZPS1

Dam: Masa Jipo-me ZVV2

Call name: Hasso

Born May 1 2010 
Solid black male

HD/ED 00 titled IPO 3 
Certified Security K9 dog/patrol dog

Born 2005

SG -Zando vom Cap Arkona SchH3 KK1 ZW=77 hip elbows A normal
Frozen semen in stock

Sire: Melano v Cap Arkona SchH3  
Dam: Branka v Harhof SchH3

Titled:ZVV3, Show: vyborny (excellent)
Breed Survey: 1st class 5JV1/P
Elbows,hips: a Fast Normal, DNA

Frozen semen in stock

Call name: Bak

Born November 8. 2009
elbows/hips: 0/0, 
titled: BH, ZVV1, IPO3, 
showed: very good (SG), 
surveyed: 5CKY1/P.

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