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LEE Barabak

LEE Barabak, call name BAK, 
DOB November 8. 2009, 
elbows/hips: 0/0, 
titled: BH, ZVV1, IPO3, 
showed: very good (SG), 
surveyed: 5CKY1/P. 

OFA  DM tested N/N clear

DESCRIPTION: LEE, a.k.a. Bak, is medium large but very strong male not only as a body strength but also by his temperament. He is a type of dog that gets used to the new environment and handler immediately and he has excellent behavior in different environments. He is always self confident in any situation. LEE's obedience is fast and he has a great willingness to do it. His ball drive is high. His tracks are performed with great exactness. His protection is both sport and real. LEE is a really well balanced male with excellent pedigree full of working blood. His father ERGO Hartis Bohemia has many times competed on national and international WUSV level. ERGO was also SchH3 GSD Club winner in the Czech Republic. LEE's blood comes from world renowned 2nd bloodline via FERO v. Zeuterner Himmel Reich. From his dam's side he belongs to the very hard bloodline founded by GERO z Blatenskeho zamku. Also NORBO Ben Ju is presented in the pedigree. 

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