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Wendelin Farm is a breeder of high quality working german shepherd dogs from proven European blood lines. Our puppies are raised in a family oriented environment to produce socially stable, clear headed dogs with solid nerve and good overall health. We produce dogs with high drive who are versatile and can work in law enforcement, personal protection, SAR, top sport and of course dogs who can live with a family and be a loyal companion/protection dog. It all depends on each individual puppy/dog and their future training. We do observe and evaluate our puppies when raising and it is very important to us to match each puppy with the client's need. We take many pictures and videos to post on our website and our other social medias (Facebook, Youtube and Instagram) to see how puppies develop in those 8 weeks from birth to leaving the litter.

Wendelin Kennel ships puppies within Canada and the US and everywhere in the world if it is possible. We make sure they have the right health certificates and vaccinations before shipping. We also arrange all the booking for flights, etc.

All our puppies are sold under the CKC registration in new owner's name.  We also offer 4 generation pedigree for foreign buyer and all puppies are health checked, vaccinated and micro- chipped before leaving the litter at 8 weeks of age. We can keep puppies longer and start their training if special importation rules are required from the buyer's country.

Wendelin Farm has been a proud and proven Canadian breeder since 2000. 

At our kennel, we feed raw food diet provided by Barker's Brunch and ensure the most comfort for our dogs using the KURANDA dog beds.


Christina Kaiser
Owner and Breeder

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Fiona Kaiser
Trainer and Web designer,

Video editor and photographer


Julia Kaiser
Assistant Trainer, photo model with puppies

Our dogs are very much involved in the daily life on our farm and therefore are used as herding dogs and protection dogs for the farm, the house and the family. Here is a small video clip of an example how our dogs work with cows. 

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