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Cert z Kolovecskeho mlyna

Description: Cert, a.k.a. Hasso, has excellent behavior in different environments. He is always self confident in any situation. Cert's obedience is fast and he has a great willingness to do it. His ball drive is medium to high. His tracks are performed with great exactness. His protection is real. Cert is a dominant dog with super strong nerves and he is a very clear headed dog! He has a lot of presence. He is a strong built dog with big head and stud expression. His bloodline carries a lot of the old style czech dogs mostly from the "Pohranicni straze".

HD/ED Normal; IPO3; Certified security patrol dogs

Cert is out of the 5. bloodline going back to Ingo von Rudingen. His sire Larry ze Stribrneho Kamene placed in many CKNO Meisterschaften for german shepherd dogs. His dam side is also from the 5. bloodline through Jupp z Jirkova dvora and Chuligan z Pohranicni straze.

Cert is used as a security/patrol dog, now standing at stud at Wendelin Kennel. We will use him on our Navar females, where we will linebreed 4-4 on Chuligan z Pohranicni straze.

Training session with Cert
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