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Zando vom Cap Arkona

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Zando at 13.5 years old

SG - Zando vom Cap Arkona
SCHH3 /WUSV KK1 ZW=77 hip elbows A normal

Born 2005 
Sire: Melano v Cap Arkona SchH3   
Dam: Branka v Harhof SchH3

Wendelin kennel is proud to own this stud dog, Zando, who was the personal competition dog of Lance Collins. A dark sable, large, physically powerful dog who shows a lot of prey drive. Very good character and lots of personality, is very willing for the handler. Excellent in tracking. Sound temperament under all circumstances. Not dog aggressive; Not handler aggressive. Zando has produced some very nice puppies for us and we continue to use him in our breeding program.

Zando Achievements:

World Championships:
2010 WUSV competitor (qualified twice - 2009 & 2010)

Canadian Championships:
2011 3rd place Western Regional
2010 2nd place Canadian Championships
2010 2nd place Western Regional
2009 2nd place Canadian Championships

10x SchH3
5x V in tracking
1xV in obedience
2x V in protection
Highest individual scores in each phase= 100, 96, 98
2010 Canadian Championships

Zando's competition videos

Zando Protection at Canadian Nationals 2010
Zando obedience WUSV 2010
Zando Protection WUSV 2010

Zando is the sire of the 2015 WUSV vice world champion Aro vom Kisser

Aro Vom Kisser WUSV 2015 Protection 98

Zando's photo gallery

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