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Haakon vom Moerfelder Land


Haakon vom Moerfelder Land IPO3 (SG- WUSV) KKl

Haakon is a world-class dog who competed 4 times at the WUSV World Championships, coming 9th in 2013. Haakon is also a past Canadian Champion.

Haakon’s handler Lance Collins describes him as the best all round working dog he has ever owned. Haakon has rock-solid nerves and temperament, endless drive and enthusiasm for every task, and an uncompromising, powerful grip in protection. He is social and stable under all circumstances and environments. 

Haakon has already produced outstanding sport and police dogs.


Haakon’s achievements

World Championships:

4 x WUSV competitor (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

9th place 2013 WUSV

Best individual scores at the WUSV: 95 tracking. 97 obedience. 94 protection.

National Championships

5x competitor

CAN-01 2015

CAN-01 2016

Best individual scores at the National Championship: 

96 tracking. 94 obedience. 97 protection

Regional Championships

5 x competitor 

Best individual scores at the Regional Championship: 

100 tracking. 97 obedience. 98 protection.


13 x IPO3. 

Of these from 2013 to 2016, all were with total scores in the SG category or higher. 

6 x score of 280 or higher.

Multiple V scores in tracking, obedience and protection at Regional, National and World Championships.

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