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Ibon Jipo-Me

ZVV1 ZPO1 IPO3             HD/ED 0/0         DM tested N/N free

Ibon is a medium large strong male with tons of energy. He is willing to do any work with his handler. Ibon is a dog with clear head but at the same time with very high prey and defence drives. These two drives are 50/50 balanced. Ibon has also great social behaviour. From his father Kery Kamos Durabo he inherited an on/off effect and therefore he is able to rest and get activated for the top performance immediately.

From his mother's side he inherited the ability on concentrated focus while tracking.From Dargo Ha-Ja-Da he inherited absolutely fast, strong and exact protection including guarding.

Ibon can be used anywhere there is a need to improve working drives of the progeny, to improve energy level and hardness necessary for protection. He is also suitable to be used where there is need to improve the colour of the pigmentation and overall health.

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