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Navar Hronovsky Pramen

 Birth: June 20. 2004

 Deceased November 2013

Show: vyborny (excellent), 
Breed Survey: 1st class 5JV1/P, 
Elbows,hips: a Fast Normal, 
OFA DM tested N/N

Navar Hronovsky pramen ZVV3 is an extremely impressive stud dog from the Czech Republic's famous Jinopo Kennel. He is a son of the famous Pluto z Pohranicni straze ZVV2 (who is in turn a son of Chuligan z PS). Navar is a typical son of Pluto z Pluto z Pohranicni straze. He inherited his strong bones, strong stud head, dark pigmentation and mainly his temperament. Navar is a dog with huge self confidence who would like to rule his neighbourhood. Compared to his father, Pluto, he is much more agile and has harder protection skills. His favourite disciplines are tracking and protection. He has very good obedience but he trains often. Navar is a member of the 5th bloodline from his sire's side and from his mother's side he belongs to the 3rd bloodline that is always everywhere and excels training ability. Navar is a stud who can be used in the breeding program everywhere you need to improve the bone strength, pigmentation and overall self-confidence. 

Navar Protection
RIP Navar
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