Zip von Wendelin

Born: April 12, 2018

DM tested Clear/free

OFA ED Normal - HD Fair

Sire: Ibon Jipo-Me

Dam: Gita von Wendelin

Zip von Wendelin is a big dog with strong bones who carries very stud-like features. He has a high working drive and high energy level for any work task. Zip is a dog that is fearless and confident in any situation, with a very clear head. 

He is line bred 2-3 on Kery Kamos-Durabo  and is a strong representation of him. Zip's confidence and clear mind, as well as his bloodlines, will result in very stable dogs who are meant to work.

On his mother's side, he carries strong West German working lines, such as Trojan von der Staatsmacht and Eliot von Prevent. 

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