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Fiona von Wendelin

Born Nov. 3 2010

OFA good HD
OFA normal ED
DM free N/N

French Ring 1, BH, second place at Canadian Championship French Ring Sport

Navar Hronovsky pramen ZVV3
Cathy z Alfovy zahrady ZVV1

Fiona is a nice dark sable female with super head expression from our stud dog Navar Hronovsky pramen who belongs to the 5. bloodline and from her mother Cathy she carries blood from the 3. bloodline. Fiona is a well balanced easy controllable female, social and well trained, has good territorial guarding.  Fiona had been a great asset for our breeding program. Fiona is Fiona's (our daughter's) personal dog. She is great around horses (jumps like one too), loves puppies and has a weird obsession for apples... 

Our beloved Fiona passed away fall 2018 and will be forever missed.

Linebreeding - 5 generations

Fiona at the Farm click here

Fiona's offspring

Videos and Pictures of Fiona

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