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Una-Nala von Wendelin


Born: January 3, 2021

Sire: Zip von Wendelin

Dam: Wiona von Wendelin

Nala is a very sociable, confident dog, and is a 4th generation dog out of our breeding program. She is great around livestock, people, and other dogs. Nala has a very high food drive, and is always eager to please when being worked. She is a well balanced, social female with good drive, always willing to work and strong nerves. Nala is very similar to her mother, Kira, or Wiona von Wendelin. which makes her pleasant to work while also being a great house dog with an "off-switch". This dog is up for any adventure and can be taken any where without a hassle. She shows the balance we look for in the German Shepherd breed. 

Litter Video; Nala is orange collar
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