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Tina Jipo Me

DATE OF BIRTH: March 12, 2003

Titled: ZVV1, ZPO1 
Show: velmi dobory 
Breed Survey: 1st class 5V1/P 
Elbows, hips: 0/0 , DNA


Sadly Tina passed away during surgery of a twisted stomach (bloat) on Saturday July 7 2012.

Tina was a very special female, a tremendous producing female, mother of JAGO JIPO ME a WUSV competitor, Gina Jipo Me ZVV3 female and many many other well known dogs out there.

Tina we will never forget you, you will always be remembered and your spirit will live on in all your special offspring! 

We are very grateful to raise Marley von Wendelin, a female out of Tina and our stud dog Navar...she will be a future breeding female of our kennel.

DESCRIPTION: Tina Jipo-Me is a typical daughter of Dargo Ha-Ja-Da and GRIM z Pohranicni straze. She is a large, strong female with lots of energy, self confidence and a dominant behavior. She is a strong protector, utilizing her strong, firm body conformation and, when necessary, her full, strong bite. Tina also has very high retrieve drive. We expect strong, healthy, highly trainable progeny that will be useful in law enforcement, family protection, or eventually as top sport dogs.

Tina Jipo Me was an older female but still very agile and in top shape, Tina was an own daughter of the legend Dargo Ha-Ja -Da.

Her mother is out of the top czech boarder patrol dog Gero z Blatenskeho zamku. Tina is one of the last females who carried those old bloodlines so close in her pedigree. Tina has produced some top offspring, two of them are Jago Jipo Me, a dark sable stud dog standing in the czech republic at Jinopo who qualified for the 2011 world championship WUSV in Kiev and a female Gina Jipo Me who is a ZVV3 IPO3 female with some top winnings in tracking also a producing female at Jinopo in czech republic.

Jago Jipo Me

JAGO Jipo-Me and his handler Vilem Balej have qualified for World Championship WUSV 2011 in Kiev. Congratulations to both for carried out thorough piece of work and we wish both succesfull represention of the Czech Republic in the World Championship.

Gina Jipo Me

GINA Jipo Me achieved the best result in qualifiaction for Nationals. The competition took place in Roudnice, CZ and GINA achieved the best result in the tracking and was announced the overall winner of the competition. April 10 2011

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