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BRIA z Kociciho dvora

DOB May 9. 2005 elbows/hips: 0/0, 
Titled: ZVV3, ZOP, ZPU 2, ZPS 1, SchH/VPG 1, IPO2, IPO-V, FPR3, BH, 
showed: very good, surveyed: 5DV1/P

DESCRIPTION: BRIA is a typical daughter of XANT z Jirkova dvora. She is large, strong, self-confident female with huge willingness to work with her handler. The mother of BRIA - EMI Ro-Sa is also a mother of ATILA z Kociciho dvora. She is a daughter of excellent ORY z Danaru. EMI Ro-Sa is an excellent hard but at the same time very controllable female. BRIA belongs to 3rd sire's bloodline. From her mather's side she belongs to 2nd bloodline.

Bria protection
Bria obedience
Bria ladder
Bria protection
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